> It is comparing the availability (Concentration) in the blood of a generic drug versus the reference product

> It is staying with other participants in a friendly atmosphere.

> It is receiving a financial compensation.

>  From the beginning you will be given a personalized schedule that details, the different steps that will be followed during your stay.

> Between each assessment, our facility offers a clean, spacious accommodations with free Wi-Fi, TV, books, ...to make your stay more enjoyable. You can also bring your own entertainment to the facility (video games, laptop, etc.).... And you can even study!

> The carefully chosen meals will be served in the dining room.

> To contribute to the development of new lower-cost generic drugs and increase their availability in the market.

> To benefit from a free health check up including an electrocardiogram and laboratory tests for each study.

> To receive financial compensation.

> The protocol of the study is first prepared by the medical team and the various experts in pharmacovigilance then submitted to the supervisory authorities (Ministry of Health and Committee of Protection of Persons) to verify the adequacy with the standards health and ethical principles.

> You will be then contacted and invited in the center to meet the doctor who will deliver you all the information allowing you to judge the constraints and the risks related to the study before any consent.

> Once the consent form is signed, the procedures related to the study can begin

> A free preliminary medical examination is carried out to check that there is no contraindication to your participation

> Your safety and well-being are our priorities. Permanence is ensured by our medical teams throughout the duration of your study.