> The side effects of the tested drugs are generally known (as the reference product is already in the market), they are listed in the consent form.

> Bioequivalence studies use single doses (only one dose at every hospitalization).

> Our medical teams are available 24/24: on site during a hospitalization or by telephone after your exit, for an optimal supervision. 

> Participants taking part in one of our studies receive compensation according to the regulations in vigor; this compensation depends on various factors, such as the duration of stay in the clinic or the number of follow-up visits...

Are you over 18 years old and meeting the study criteria?

> All our studies enroll only adults, so you must be more than 18 years old.

> For each study, criteria such as sex, age, and body mass index must be met.

> Pregnant women and people with reduced mobility cannot participate in bioequivalence studies.

> In addition, you cannot participate in more than two studies per year.

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